li-x: Europe’s first software exchange market has started

From now on, companies can sell the software they no longer use or buy cheap used software on li-x. Supply and demand are calculated every day and determine the daily price. The rate is as transparent as it is at the stock market. Since there is no intermediary trade companies are able to save a lot of money. Legal safety is secured via a clearing process and via a detailed documentation of authenticity and rights.


li-x was developed to bring together companies with needs for buying and selling software. It is a young start-up venture based in Hamburg.

This is how li-x-CEO, Boris Vöge, describes the idea: “We want to revolutionise the software market. Companies are no longer dependent on software producers and their monopoly. This way they can find more budget-friendly solutions. At the same time li-x is a platform, which offers a secure, legal and lucrative way to trade used software.”