buy licences

li-x will provide you with an easy and fast procurement of used Software for client projects.

manage licences

With li-x you will keep an eye on all your bought and sold pre-owned licenses and you will have access to all associated information.

sell licences

li-x will provide you with a transferdocument wich can be branded with your own logo and a licensing portal for all of your clients.

Your advantages of buying used software

The complete supply chain from a single source - from purchasing to delivery to your clients. li-x will provide Resellers with special accounts. So they can redistribute acquired licenses to their clients. They will have insight into wich product was sold in wich quantity to wich customer at any time.

Licence clearing

Before sale all licenses will be verified by our li-x Support for the corectness of Release and number. After that the licenses will be released to the market place.

100% safe

Before sale li-x will collect all needed information wich are neccessary for compliance according to the legal framework, e.g. Declaration of Unistallation.

Easy procurement

Reseller can buy verified licenses at best prices on the marketplace The delivery will take a few seconds and comes with an installation image per download.


The complete chain of rights and the first owner of a each license will be exspelled. The evidence of origin includes contract - and license number of the first owner.

reseller accounts

li-x will provide Resellers with special Accounts to have an overview of all traded licenses at any time.

transfer to customers

Transmission des licences sûre et conformément juridique sur les clients. Avec document de transfert et livraison optionale des licences dans le propre portail.